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Three Powerful Principles for Success

Share|There are many similarities between business and war. In both cases, the victor is the one who uses superior strategy against his or her competition. There are three principles of military strategy you can apply to your work every single day. The first idea from the military is called the Principle of Maneuver. The principle of maneuver says that you should be clear about the goal, but be flexible...

12 Around The World Celebrates 12.12.12 In BIG Style

12 Around The World Celebrates 12.12.12 In BIG Style Share| Mission Combining The Passion Of The Entrepreneur With The Power Of The internet Description 12 Around The World celebrates a very special day; namely 12.12.12 On 12th December 2012 12 Around The World kicks of an international conference being held at Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa, Laguna in The Philippines. The conference is being hosted by Argon Management Training and an incredible combining...

An Inspirational Video: Visit Caine’s Arcade

Share|Here is an interesting question – What does it take to create a flash mob, get on the NBC News, raise $60,000 within one day and start your own foundation? The answer is: • An old auto parts store • One customer • And a very determined 9-year-old with a great idea At least this is what happened to young Caine Monroy, who hand-built his cardboard arcade –Caine’s Arcade – in his...

How are people wasting TIME at work?

How are people wasting TIME at work? Share|In a typical 8-hour work day, there are a lot of things that can affect employee productivity. Is it social media? Email? Find more about the  5 things that waste your time at work [INFOGRAPHIC]. Read more about it here: http://mashable.com/2012/04/13/wasting-time-work/ What about you? What is your time...

Embarrassing Grammar Goofs!

Embarrassing Grammar Goofs! Share|Copyblogger recently published this entertaining infographic spotlighting some common grammar mistakes. Lots of writers and bloggers make these goofs on a regular basis. Are you guilty of any of these? Are any of them major pet peeves of yours, when someone else makes them? Or are there any common grammar mistakes you think they missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Like this...
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